Get juicy-lip smacking Candies and Toffees from us at shoestring budget.


Welcome To Suncrest Food Makers!

Are you a person who goes crazy for candies? Then, we, Suncrest Food Makers, are the ultimate destination for you. Lollipop, Toffees, Fruit Candy, Fruit Flavoured Candy, Chocolate Candy or Center Filled Candies just name it and we promise to deliver the best of candies to you. In 2004, we started our business and since then we are successfully catering these in the world-wide market. We started as a manufacturer and supplier and have grown to become the world's best business enterprise of this domain.

We mold these candies in unique and attractive shapes, which distinguishes our made Candies and Toffees from others. We have specialization in making different flavors of candies like orange, black current, blueberry, mango, chocolates Candy, Fruit Flavoured Candy, lemon and many other, which are juicy and melts in the mouth giving 100% taste satisfaction. On special demands of our customers, we provide attractive  gift packaging to these items in form of goodies, which can be given as gifts on special occasions.

Sweet Is Happiness

All those who go on their knees for any kind of sweet food items due to their love for sweet would totally agree that candies and chocolates are the best kind of sweets in the whole "sweet family". Specially amongst young kids and toddlers candies are a huge demand as their taste is lip-smacking that completely delights one-self. We understand the love for sweet and believe that other than taste, health is also very important thus, we use only pure ingredients and sugar-free ingredients.

Our Logistics Support

The support of our logistics depatment, which in it combines packaging, warehouse and transportation facilities is the backbone of our company. We are tension free when it comes to packaging and storing of the candies as our workers use the best materials to give tight packaging to the products after which they are stored in an organized manner in our capacious warehouse, which has fire-alarm, security and pests control facilities installed in it. At the time goods delivery, our storekeepers with the help of material handling equipments transfer the goods to transportation personnel, who deliver the orders swiftly to the clients. Owing to the support of such a commendable transportation network, we are able to cater to Countries like:-
  • Africa
  • Nepal
  • Bangladesh
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